Groundwork Coffee North Hollywood

[usrlist  Seating:3.5 Coffee:5 Food:3 Service:5 Plugins:4 Wifi:3 Environment:4 Bathroom:4 Size=30]

  • Notes
    • Pretty standard hollywood joint. Seems like a lot of actors and actresses, people writing and reading scripts. Seating is a bit sparse, but there are a few big tables and some standard work-benches along the walls.
    • Their taste in music might be a little too eclectic for me. One song they played was horrendous…it was like “the brown note” from south park…a series of wailings, siren-sounds, and orchestral moaning that basically made me loathe my existence.
    • Much better for workspace than most of the hollywood coffee shops. Pretty chill vibe, people are being productive (inspiring environment) and staff is really friendly. They also have water freely available and seemingly few homeless people.
    • Wifi performance (at least on the day I was there) was terrible. Cost me lots of work because my changes weren’t being saved, websites being dropped, etc.

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