Well hello there, and welcome to the very first installment of the Advntrr Podcast! Every week from now on, we’ll be bringing you all sorts of tips, tricks and strategies for living a location independent lifestyle.

This week we are here to introduce ourselves a little, as well as share a concept called Equivalent Rent.

Equivalent Rent is a handy and simple little metric for keeping an eye on those nomadic spendings, and the formula goes a little bit like this:

Total spent on accomodation + Total spent on transport + Total spent on storing your stuff
Devided by number of days on the road

And voila, you have a single metric you can compare to what you used to pay for your studio apartment!

On the episode we also promise you an Excel template to help you start off with, which you can find here.

So go grab some tea, and enjoy this episode!

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Equivalent Rent - Episode 1

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